Fundraising Ideas


Fundraising Online and with Technology

• There are several crowdfunding websites you can use to raise money for your trip. A clear, thorough description and great picture helps in getting attention and respond to your request.


In lieu of gifts


Ask your family and friends to donate to your trip in lieu of birthday presents


Non-profit organizations


Look for a local non-profit that helps students who are seeking to travel to learn.

Community Service Oriented


•    Christmas Clean up: Offer services to remove Christmas lights or decorations outdoor or indoor.  A flat fee or donations could work.
•    Yard Service: All seasons bring yard work! Rake, shovel, mow or pull weeds to your financial goals. 

• Post a Service Board: Set up a bulletin board where members of the community can post odd jobs or services with the price they would pay for the job. 




• Although monthly payments are not required, set a monthly payment plan to get your trip paid off.




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