7 Favorite Puerto Rican Foods You Can't Miss

7 Favorite Puerto Rican Foods You Can't Miss

Puerto Rico is home to some seriously delicious foods and if you're serious about eating and eating well, you should definitely put Puerto Rico on your foodie bucket list. Flavor-wise Puerto Rican cuisine represents the coming together of many styles and influences – with tasty results! Spanish, African, American, and Taino. Here are some can't miss dishes to sample on your next trip to beautiful Puerto Rico.


A warming breakfast bite to get you set up and started for the day, funche is made from polenta or cornmeal. You can enjoy it hot (perfect for wintertime) or you can cool it into a sort of loaf then bake or fry it. Serve it with fruit in the morning if you like a little something sweet yet healthy to kick off your day.


This wonderful classic dish is a sort of rich gumbo which boasts a wealth of ingredients and flavors. It usually contains rice, chicken, shrimp, chorizo, pigeon peas, and plenty of seasonings. No two recipes are exactly the same – this popular dish has a million variations and every household has its own take on this Puerto Rican staple.

Arroz con gandules

A national dish that you won't be able to resist! Yellow rice and pigeon peas is a staple that can be dressed up with the addition of pork. It's a favorite for the Christmas season but folks enjoy steaming plates of arroz con gandules year round. It's just too good to eat once a year!


If you love a good roast, then pernil is something you simply must try. A marinated pork shoulder is slow-roasted to perfection, then often served up with arroz con gandules. You will see this one on the Christmas table when families gather round to enjoy this fall off the bone succulent dish.


Mofongo is made of plantains which are seasoned with garlic, salt, and pork, and fried then served piping hot. There are plenty of other variations which contain chicken, beef, vegetables, and naturally, seafood! As an island, Puerto Rico has plenty of phenomenal seafood readily available, so fish, shrimp, and even octopus can also make their way into mofongo.


Pastelon is lasagna Puerto Rican style. Baked in a casserole dish, pastelon features ingredients like sweet plantains, beef, tomatoes, and cheese. It is rich, nourishing, and fantastically flavorful. Perfect for dinner, it's a great way to feed many and leave everyone satisfied.

Rellenos de Papa

Fried potatoes stuffed with a tasty picadillo, or beef stew, rellenos de papa are ideal for snacking or served up as a side with some of the scrumptious mains we've featured on this list. You'll find these available at food trucks or from street vendors. After your first bite, you'll find it impossible to have just one!

All this and more awaits you on the sunny island of Puerto Rico. You can spend years here and never grow tired of the wonderfully tasty food found on the island. From start to finish, the vibrant array of flavors will have you coming back to Puerto Rico again and again.

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